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Oh man!

hmm so havnt updated in a loong time well my life has pretty much been nothing at all, practice or work every single day yaa it sucks, but hey dont gotta worry about cheer to much longer ha friiiick brittany victory shes the worst coach toe ver coach anything ever, mmm im def uposed to be getting ready for practice in ab bit anyways, mayb we'll learn a homecoming rutine! haaa that we have in two weeks!! haha whaaat a friggen joke mayb we'll all jsut quit right before pep ralley hmmm thatd be so awsome! but ya i really dont have much else to say besdies i def. still dont have a dress for homecoming man its pissing me off and well uhhh thats about all gotta go get ready to sit at school and do anything but practice yaa.. sweet... friggen laguna tonight tho oh man im so friggen excited :)
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