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Jsut look at me. Look at me now

well this is jsut gunna go on forever... so her it goes

sunday i left to go to some place called st. joseph for a family vacation the worst thing to ever happen to me in my friggen life. well anyways i got home yesterday at like 7.30ish thank god we came home early

So last night, Britt and i went to kellys and then amanda came over there we left to spindler and met danny derek tony and sean there, we had danny following us around in the circle it was pretty funny we were all in tears we were laughing so hard. We went exploring and friggen found BLEACHERS and a soccer field hmm awsome. So then everyone sat on those for a while and talked, tony and sean went and adventured around in their car on the soccer field. Then me and amanda found a sidewalk path that went evveerywhere so we followed it we found another field but it was closed off by a gate so we gotta finish exploring that another day. We shared our life stories with eachohter and next we found a school and then a friggen playground yees i love it then we were walking back around the rest of the path and found a horseshoe place witht he little spikes and stuff and then came back and dropped kelly off then amanda britt danny derek and i went to miejers and played there for a while then the guys left so we sat and watched the hampsters let me tell you those things jsut dont quit it was probly one of the funniest nights ive had all summer, we were jsut being sweet then we all came home around 12.30 and ya well didnt get to bed till like 3.

went to practice late today, my phone must not of wanted to wake me up but yeah our coach thinks shes sweet and cancled practice cause she couldnt take our attitudes not that we had any or anything shes so gay. but yeah then went to gymnastics had a almost good day and now im waiting around for for our extra practice at 2.. hopefully we get our friggen shirts today yees lol and as for tonight well im pretty sure im hanging out with a friend but ya no
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