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Well last night lets see i literally sat around with jenn for like 8439534 hours and we were gunna go to some party with britt and kelly but noone had a car then no one was going so we definantly didnt do that. Then it was just me and jenn and we were gunna hang out with John and Steven and we were waiting for steven to get off work for like 10 hours so we decided we were gunna rent a movie and we went to leave and jimmy and adam were like pulling up to my house so my mom jsut dropped us off at family video and Jimmy and adam forced us to get hitched but i kinda wanted to see it but ya know. So we went and picked up Pat and went back to my house listened to adam stories for like a hour then john and steven finally called but noone else was allowed over cause my moms a phsyco and the probly didnt wanna come over anyways so then we pretended to watch the movie but just talked the whole time and so on. It was a pretty fun night seeing how many times plans got changed around. Everyone left at like 12ish and i went to sleep cause i had practise this morning.

Practise was the biggest waste of my propel all we did was talk the entire time about attitudes and junk so yeah pretty dissapointed bout that one those propels are pretty damn valuable! afterwards i came home and had to take my dog to the vet again and the changed his bandages ewwww it looks like his leg has leporacy ewww its nasty and now i get to change it from now on i love this fucking useless family god!
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