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I use to love cheer:)

Well yesterday i slept in for a while woke up delt with my dog and literally sat around here until 3 when i got in the shower and got ready for work and had to work from 5-10 that was jsut a party! hmmm came home had to deal with my dog some more and went to sleep!

This morning wow i friggen hate her we went to practise and had some fun people were bleeding and werent aloud to go to the bathroom to wipe themselves up so they jsut spit it all over the floor shoulda been her face but yeah! We wasted like 2/3 weeks on a homecoming that were like not even doing now its so fricken gay not that im going to be in it cause all of a sudden we have to have standings or were getting pulled so yaa that'll be cool two we arent even cheering we mide as well join the huskettes if we knew we were gunna be doing like all dance i would of geeez i cant stand her then yeah gymnastics friiiick that idk im jsut really pissed off about everything that has to do with cheer when she told us to walk out if we wanted to ahh i was like gripping the floor so i wouldnt jump up and leave! So hopefully today will be awsome and ill be able to totally forget about. errr
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