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August 2nd

Well yesterday i went to gymnastics at 9 that was the biggest waste of life i ddint get anything done, i came home and went to get my dog at 1 from the hospital. he looks like a alien tho his entire back half of his body is shaved off excet the like tip of his tail tis kinda funny tho but i feel bad cause he like cant walk and has to stay in a cage for 2 weeks plus+ So after he came home i went to jenns we played with the kittens and then watched Dr. Phil and oprah afterwards i came home ate, got ready and stuff jenn came back over after she got her hair highlighted and we got ready, then becca came over and we all sat around jenns till like 9 then went to stevens house and watched real world then went swimming but it was so cold i like jumped out after 2 seconds lol. Kevin and Ray Ray took Ashley and I to 7 11 then we went back and i jsut talked with TJ for a while then came home with like 54875845 bug bites ahh it looks like i have chicken pox lol but yeah it was a fun night :)
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