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all i can say is friggen WOW

Well last night i went to britts for the night after work it was funnme and becca slept over and some guys came over and then we well went to rallys after they left wow i had forggten how good their friggen frys were lol then went to sleep.

Woke up this morning and had my mom come and get me i came home pretty much did nothing until like 6 and then took a shower kinda got ready then britt came and picked me up we went back to kellys, had some people over there and just layed around while the mario cart war went on then came home around 12ish jsut to friggen find out that someone with a lot of friggen guts stole 25 dollars from kelly and even put change back so the whole party week at kellys is absolutly ruined cause someone has like no curtesy to not take somesones stuff when they invite you into thier house so ya thats sweet i love when you think you can trust people and your proved wrong well as you can tell im pretty pissed along with the rest of the world right now but im jsut gunna go to sleep and hope tomm someone is decent enough to return it.
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