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woo summer

Well today definantly made up for last night, i had practise which was a crazy workout. afterwards came home layed around for a while, and got ready. Britt came and picked me up then me kelly becca and britt went to britts work for some food. Afterwards we all went to lakeside i got a skirt and some pants lol we were there for like 3 hours kinda crazy. Went back to kellys and waited for her to get ready then becca came back over and we went to dannys and met up with some people there then we all went to chris shefkes for a little while for a bond fire. We all head back to dannys after not to long and amanda and cat showed up and were like lets go to kennedy and we were all like yaa so we went to kennedy pool and had alooot of fun! Me britt kelly becca and amanda went to leave and what do ya no we get in the car and cops pull up ya pretty sweet. Thank friggen god that Fett and Derek new one of the cops ahh owe them are lives! lol well so we got off the hook and jsut came home and now sitting here pretty bord actually lol fuun night though :)
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