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Last night

So i got woke up at like 9 friggen god my moms having a garage sale and thinks im helping with it.. hmmm funny, well anyways last night me kelly britt jenn amanda cat danny and zito went looking for this haunted like forest place where suposedly some lady lost her baby there and if you go you can hear baby screams and then the lady will come up to your car and bang all over it and scream looking for her baby! but we went out to marine city where it was drove everywhere but when we finally figured out where it was we realized we didnt no which way to go down this street and it was way past our curfewws so we had to turn back it knida sucked but we were already all scared out of our minds so it was still fun.I have to friggen work today and well hopeufully be able tog et to kellys house after idk we'll see but either way tonight better be good.
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